Bf4 matchmaking problems

Battlefield fix the Company coins please!! This is exactly why i can't enjoy battlefield V. Ey Battlefield fix this bullshit!

Battlefield Company Coin still not fixed PS4. Battlefield fix the kill cam BS. No one wanted it. Company coins still not working for me on xbox Battlefield.

ELI5: Matchmaking issues

Battlefield We haven't received our tanks for any of the factions. Is this an error or intentional? Battlefield fix the killcam!!! Battlefield fix the jumping!!!!!!!

It's a touch choice to make, I personally will still support my favorite developers and I don't care about the publisher. If you buy the game and then complain, it shows that you had interest in that game, but because of EA's rushing it's not fully functional. The Devs can go told you so to EA, but they don't seem to listen all the time.

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EA originally wanted it out this year, then next spring and now it's sitting at a Fall release, they are actually letting Bioware work on it and accept the delays. However, EA wasn't so nice to Dice and made them rush it out, the main difference is the game is done in terms of content, just it needed more time to fix glitches and bugs. BF4 is a great game, I am personally really enjoying the single player and the multi-player with my friends has been a blast.

Unfortunately it's been a rough ride getting booted from games, have my SP save data deleted and such. I guess shorten up my point, don't hurt great developers just because EA publishes the game and sometimes makes dumb choices.

Bf4 matchmaking problems. Matchmaking Bf4

Did things really go so badly in just a few days? Studios can leave EA and go indie anytime. In fact, that would be a viable option these days when indie games are making a killing. EA is milking talented people and by supporting the games you are fueling an industry-killing problem that started with the way EA treats their employees.

You need to wake up and stop hugging the evil corporations. They only want your money, don't be a sheep, don't give in, don't give them any money. No the studios cannot "go indie anytime". Fire all your managers.

Re: How to: Change your matchmaking region

Keep your most creative people. Make good games and sell them to the community as a privately owned studio. You are now Valve. Expect crashes at least 2 times daily, sometimes multiple times before you get to the next save checkpoint. BF4 is such a pile of shit, I can't recommend it to anyone. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. GS should do the same.

Ribnarak Follow Forum Posts: Netherscourge Follow Forum Posts: The good news is that DICE will fix it all up - after a few weeks of patching. Muffin Follow Forum Posts: Mr-Kutaragi Follow Forum Posts: Heil68 Follow Forum Posts: Supposed to be another patch Tomorrow. Ugh, glad I didn't buy it. All of your "solutions" do not work. Suck it up and admit you make a mistake with your matchmaking system and implement something browser-based like BF4.

Leave the server choice to the customer. That's what we want. I found if i use my avast VPN and login to London i get i right away. I'm having a similar issue. I'm not with one of the large Australian ISPs. It's not ok, still have terrible difficulties to find a game, servers are empty during the week and even in the week-end we can only play in the evening Yea how quick should I be getting into a game?

I change servers back and forth just trying to get in anywhere. Mate, did you get anywhere with this issue? I am having same trouble, trawling through maps and servers trying to find something.

BF4 Launch Woes: Netcode Must Change! (Battlefield 4 Gameplay/Commentary)

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What causes Rubberbanding in BF4? A Detailed Analysis - Kill Ping

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