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What is acupuncture

Acupuncture is a powerful method of healing practised in China over the last 2,000 years. Established as one of the most important components of Chinese medicine, it promotes natural healing by balancing the physical and mental facets of the body. Acupuncture adjusts your body’s life energy (qi) through the insertion of sterilised needles into specific points along the recognised channels of the body. These needles are then manipulated with a combination of gentle pumping actions, by twirling and then leaving them in place for a several minutes. These techniques are used either stimulate the flow of energy and remove any blockages/stagnation or reduce excess energy so that the qi may be dispersed and regulated. When the qi flows correctly throughout the body, balance is restored to the channels, the patients health improves.


Why Chinese Medicine

TCM is much older than conventional medicine. Over the centuries of its existence, it was able to develop a wisdom that our conventional medicine still does not fully apprehend.

In particular, Chinese Medicine puts great attention to those four concepts:

The body has the ability to self-heal.

When we cut ourselves, we do not question the fact that our body heals itself. Neither when we have a cold and that it disappears by itself after a few days. The main aim of Chinese Medicine is to help and stimulate the body to self-heal.

Physical body and mind are part of the same entity, the human body.

Most of us have experienced the effects that a bad news or an argument can have on our appetite. And, It is common knowledge that extreme fear can have an effect on our gut or bladder. Even conventional medicine recognises today that there are psycho-somatic diseases. For Chinese Medicine, this is obvious as both mental-emotional and physical levels are part of one complete entity which is our body.

The body is connected to the surrounding world.

Chinese Medicine believes that our body is completely connected to the surrounding environment. For example, when comes a change of season, our body needs time to adapt to changes of temperature, humidity, light etc. These changes in our environment can be source of diseases or health depending on our constitution and our general health state. One of the aims of Chinese Medicine is to help the body adapt to changes occurring in our surrounding world.

Prevention is key to good health.

Ultimately, Chinese Medicine places great attention to prevention. For example, in China, during summer, many people get acupuncture and moxibustion treatments to reinforce their body for the winter to come. The idea behind this is to help the body to prepare and adapt quickly to climatic changes so that it can better fight cold, wind, damp etc.


What to Expect

Your first treatment may take approximately 70 – 80 minutes.
A consultation or follow-up will account for up to 15-20 minutes of this time
Subsequent treatments take an hour from start to finish
Your practitioner will take your case history and conduct a detailed diagnosis which may involve examining your tongue and pulse.
They will explain their diagnosis and outline a treatment plan for you
A number of points for your condition will be determined
Tiny hair-like needles are then used on the selected points across your body
Bamboo cups and/or a heat lamp may be used for certain conditions
Needles are left in place for 30-35 minutes, while you relax and enjoy the experience
Payments in the clinic will be accepted in cash only, there are on-line packages are available for any wishing to pay by card
A receipt will be provided please keep this in your records as you want to claim payment with your health insurance provider
Any follow-up appointments will be scheduled at the end of the appointment


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your treatment, please call your practitioner at least 24 hours before your appointment time.
Cancellation fees will apply to missed appointments.


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Contact Info

Telephone +353 86 4651454

Clinic Office

4Clonee Clinic
Main Street
Clonee, Co. Meath

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Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
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Saturday 09:00 - 13:00
Sunday Closed

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